Recipe of the Week: Spinach Lasagna Rolls

I’m going to try something new on the blog each week where I attempt a new vegetarian recipe either from one of my pins on Pinterest or from your suggestions, so don’t hesitate to leave them for me in the comments!  Today’s post comes from one of the most popular healthy recipe blog sites and a personal favorite of mine:  Skinnytaste!

What I love about the author Gina is that she’s providing not just healthy options for meals but they’re never lacking in flavor.  A common misconception about eating healthy (or living as a vegetarian) is that you’re limited to certain foods.  While yes, you may need to cut things out but there are always options and substitutes to satisfying your cravings without losing flavor.

Another great feature of the Skinnytaste site is how well organized it is (my Type A personality loves it).  I can find recipes by ingredient, occasion, dietary restrictions, etc.  What I’m trying to say is, don’t be surprised if you see more recipes from this great site!

Today’s featured recipe:  Spinach Lasagna Rolls


Despite the cheesy ingredients inside the rolls, I opted to nix the cheese topping (still not quite over what I learned in What The Health).  Not gonna lie, they were still delicious.  I paired them with a side salad and even my Dad said that he was getting full after one!  img_0597

Have you tried this recipe before or have you tried another Skinnytaste recipe that I should check out?  Leave me some love in the comments.


Author: racquelankney

I'm a 30 something living in Metro Detroit who recently chose to become a vegetarian. This blog will be my adventures as a Vegetarian Virgin and include any recipes I'm trying out, struggles I'm facing and more than likely pictures of my dog Ace.

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